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Thank you for considering Venue Smart as your payment solutions provider. Venue Smart pride itself on being payment specialists with the aim of making your business re-Venue smart.

Our strengths reside in getting to know you and your business, educating you on your existing payment solutions and detailing the improvements we can bring to your business.

It is Venue Smart’s goal to drive efficiencies through automation, reduce payment related overheads, including but not limited to; staff numbers, reconciliation times and default payments and we can achieve this whilst reducing gateway processing costs.

We do this by tailoring solutions to meet the needs of the business whilst other companies try to make organisations wrap around their “one size fits all” option.

Venue Smart represent a number of payment gateways and hardware providers. Our passion is to match the perfect payment gateway and hardware provider with the right technology in combination to meet and exceed your desired outcome.

Hardware Providers

Triton logo
Triton Systems are an ATM manufacturer in the USA. Triton concentrates on innovation in the industry and ATM security.
Hyosung logo
Nautilus Hyosung is the largest manufacturer of retail ATMs for the US market.
Ingenico logo
From smart terminals to a cloudbased payments platform and end-to-end terminal management, INGENICO’s innovations are designed to help businesses succeed.
PAX logo
PAX Technology is the world’s leading provider of secure, stylish POS payment terminal solutions to increase instore sales and improve shopping experiences.

Payment Gateways

Financial Merchant Services logo
A leading tech powerhouse with cutting edge tech which transforms existing ATMs into Bitcoin liquidation machines Bitcoin to cash instantly.
Global Payments logo
Australia’s leading recurring payment solutions provider. Benefit from cutting edge direct debit and e-commerce solutions.
EFETX logo
A leading ATM processor for Visa, Mastercard and EFTPOS transactions. Benefit from greater transparency through true reporting and direct settlements.
Haydn Pay logo
A true OTC crypto currency payment solution. Instantaneously liquidate several crypto currencies to fiat. Give your clients the flexibility to make payments in ways that suit them.
Fiserv logo
FISERV are the world’s largest gateway, processing more Visa and Mastercard transactions than any other company. FISERV boast an incredible one billion transactions daily.
ooin logo
Qoin is one of a few digital currencies that can be used to purchase real, everyday goods and services online from participating merchants.

Portal Providers

DataMesh logo
Mentor Dashboard provides reporting that helps merchants understand their customers and gain rapid insights with real time data analytics.
PingPay logo
A leading direct debit platform providing cutting edge tech.
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Australia Wide

Venue Smart consists of a team of more than 180 hand selected professionals. 
These representatives consist of employees, franchisees and sales teams.
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Payment Solutions

Whether you are looking to purchase, lease or receive a full-service supply and maintenance ATM arrangement, Venue Smart have you covered. Venue Smart import ATM hardware from Triton Systems of Delaware in Mississippi, the United States.

What matters

Unbeatable and trouble-free solution, Australian owned customer satisfaction, reliable uninterrupted customer reporting, punctual and direct payments, contract flexibility, insurance included, flexible transaction/screen fees.

Enhance customer satisfaction with an ATM

As experts in payment acceptance, Venue Smart look to increase customer satisfaction by providing solutions that meet the needs of your customers. No longer will your customers leave your venue to access an ATM by providing them with an ATM yourself.

Convenience, keeps your customers and adds a new revenue stream.

ATM providers, servicing and installation

We have a team of experienced professionals who are knowledgeable about all aspects of ATM operations, from machine selection and placement to network connectivity and security.

Our team of experienced technicians can troubleshoot and fix any issue you may be having, and we always use genuine manufacturer’s parts for all repairs. With Venue Smart, you can rest assured that your ATM is always in good hands.

Installation and servicing of ATMs is a critical but often overlooked part of running a business. Venue Smart has the experience and expertise to ensure your ATMs are installed quickly and efficiently and that they continue to run smoothly for years to come.

Blockchain liquidity through our ATMs

Venue Smart has secured the Australian license for the B4U Financial product. The world of Blockchain currency has arrived and B4U Financial is the leader in the liquidity of cryptocurrencies. Consumers and businesses are benefiting from B4U solutions providing liquidity through ATMs and over-the-counter merchant transactions in the mainstream market.

ATM Event Hire

Venue Smart is a leading provider of ATM hire and services for events.
Our ATM services offer event stall holders that still rely on cash transactions or wish to save money on credit/debit card merchant fees to transact with their customers frictionlessly. By providing ATMs at your events, businesses can ensure their customers have access to the cash they need, when they need it.
Our team of experts will work with you to ensure that your ATM is placed conveniently at your event. A representative will be dedicated to the smooth operation of the equipment for the duration of your event.
Happy woman using mobile phone while withdrawing cash from an ATM

Crypto Currency Payments

Hayvn Pay

Venue Smart‘s crypto payment integration facilitates the processing of selected digital currencies alongside transactions that are conducted using AUD. The result is that people who choose to pay with their crypto wallets, have access to the same ease of payment as a traditional card user.

Sophisticated integration enables digital currency to be a viable payment method. Rather than a parallel system with separate parameters and constraints, a cryptocurrency payment gateway enables all electronic transactions to be recorded in the same way.

Over-The-Counter Crypto

Crypto payment acceptance has been available in Australia for some time, but until recently they were largely confined to the digital environment. Over the counter (OTC) crypto uses fresh technology to facilitate cryptocurrency transactions at the POS.

In an OTC transaction, the payment passes directly from buyer to seller, without using a cryptocurrency exchange. This negates the risk of slippage, ensuring the payment value remains as it reaches the merchant.
For merchants, this transaction is a safe, secure, and reliable way of accepting crypto payments from customers. This low-risk option is perfect for merchants looking to expand how their customers pay for their goods whilst they safely liquidate their digital currency.

Crypto Payment Gateways & Integration

Venue Smart is proud to be working with HAYVN, the global institutional digital currency platform with the HAYVN Pay cryptocurrency payment solution.

HAYVN Pay’s payment gateway enables merchants to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method for goods & services.

They deliver the technology, liquidity, and execution capabilities to process cryptocurrency payments and allow our Australian merchants and cashiers to provide a unique cryptocurrency payment solution.

One of the easiest ways of processing digital currency is to integrate a payment gateway that can fuse seamlessly with your existing software. Venue Smart’s crypto payment gateway allows merchants to keep up with the demand for digital currency payment options from their customers.
“We are excited about the partnership with Hayvn Pay. This partnership will bring with it the ability for both local customers and international tourists to make payment simply and quickly for goods and services within Australia.

With the added flexibility of merchants accepting payment in Australian fiat currency at an unbeatable rate we are sure to make a splash. Currently we have thousands of merchants waiting for full implementation in the coming weeks. Our excitement resides in being the first to market with an unbeatable product backed by our renowned service.”
Frank Vorster, CEO Venue Smart
Reliable Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Integration
The HAYVN platform provides secure OTC trading and custody capabilities, enabling customers to liquidate their digital currency simply, safely and efficiently. Breaking through the complexity of digital currency trading and custody, HAYVN provides unprecedented levels of transparency, security, compliance and best execution practices bringing unique trading opportunities to our clients.
Competitively priced and easy to incorporate with other systems, our cryptocurrency integration services are designed to offer optimal security, protecting both customers and merchants from any possible data breach. You can also personalise your integrated payment options, offering incentives and rewards that add value for customers choosing to pay with their digital currency.
Mobile phones

Direct Debits

Least Cost Routing

Most debit cards issued in Australia (cards that draw funds from a bank account) are dual-network cards, i.e. support both an international network (Visa or Mastercard) and the domestic EFTPOS network. This means that debit card transactions can be routed through either of those networks.

Typically, when a dual-network card is inserted into a point-of-sale terminal, cardholders determine how the transaction will be routed by selecting either CHQ or SAV for EFTPOS or the CR button for the international network.

However, for a contactless or ‘tap-and-go’/ direct debit transaction, the cardholder is not given that option and presently the transaction is usually routed to the international network for processing.

Data collected by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) highlights that merchant service fees on EFTPOS cards are on average lower than fees on Visa and Mastercard debit cards.

Scheme Fee Tokenisation

The merchant payments landscape is undergoing a period of rapid, technology driven change. To make payments a seamless part of the shopping experience, merchants increasingly encourage cardholders to store their payment credentials on file, powering faster checkouts, increased spend, and lower shopping cart abandonment.

Scheme Fee Tokenisation for Merchants allows merchants to convert the card information that consumers save on file into ‘tokens’ and to use this encrypted data to help secure transactions.

How It Works

  • When you enter your card details, they’re immediately replaced with a Mastercard token.
  • The Mastercard token is unique to both you and the business you’re shopping with.
  • When you then make a payment, the token is transmitted – not the card details.
  • If your card details ever change, the new details are automatically mapped to the Mastercard token. This reduces preventable declined transactions and ensures continuity of your payments.

Merchants want to optimise transaction approvals in the digital space so they need a solution that can provide both a seamless experience for their consumers with best-in-class security. MDES (Mastercard Digital Enablement Service) for Merchants does just that.

Keeps card information up to date

Consumers are relieved of the administrative burden of manually updating each merchant where their card is stored on file (COF)

Without lost and/or expired card declines slowing down the payment process, higher approval rates can be achieved and merchants can capture greater transaction volume.

Reduces the likelihood of card declines

The tokens used in this solution provide more information and greater visibility to card issuers during payment authorisation. This means that false declines, which occur due to incongruence between the standing of a consumer’s card and the issuer’s fraud logic are reduced, making it easier for consumers to shop.

Provides an enhanced customer experience

Consumers don’t need to take any action; MDES for Merchants does the work for them to ensure that their payments go uninterrupted and become more secure.

Removing the pain points of administrative effort, rejected payments and fraud attacks, the consumer experience is frictionless, encouraging higher purchase completion rates and increased revenue.

Increases Security

  • 55% of consumers use COF and yet 81% are still concerned about the protection of these details. By removing card details in the digital space and substituting in merchant-specific tokens that are encrypted, tokens can only be used with intended issuer and therefore security attacks become more difficult

  • A stolen token can’t be used at merchants without the corresponding cryptogram, so opportunity for fraud is significantly reduced

  • Fraud can easily be tracked to a single token and therefore MDES for Merchants enables greater control, as tokens tainted by fraud can quickly be revoked from use

  • As a result, consumers operating under a tokenised framework have peace of mind about the security of their payments and therefore are likely to spend 10 times more than digitally inactive customers, often returning up to 3 times more revenue


Discover the payment solutions that fit your needs and easily expand your global reach with a seamless online shopping experience.

Web, Mobile & In-App

Offer your customers a customised and seamless checkout experience across all of your sales channels.

Virtual Terminal & Payment Links

Take orders over any channel (phone, email, social media, etc.) and let your customers pay instantly using a secure payment link.

Subscriptions & Recurring Billing

Schedule and process large volumes of bill payments, memberships or subscriptions in a single go.

Digital Currency Integration

All your customers have more payment options with an easy OTC crypto payment and liquidation solution.

Venue Smart’s Verified Site Seal for Online Payments

Frictionless online shopping with tokenisation securely tokenises, stores, and manages sensitive consumer cards and personally identifiable information (PII) in our secure environment and keeps sensitive data off your premises. With tokenisation, your customers can pay with a minimal number of clicks.

Global Ecommerce Reach

Our global payment solution platform supports local payment schemes and settlement currencies whilst allowing you to expand into new markets quickly. Offer your customers their preferred local payment methods and leverage our in-country, multicurrency expertise.

With Venue Smart‘s Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) from Smart View, you can also offer your international customers the option to pay in their local currency or Australian dollars after they present their card and you earn additional revenue from conversion fees.

Global ePricing from Venue Smart is a multicurrency solution designed for ecommerce businesses, enabling you to accept 140+ currencies and receive funding in Australian dollars.

With Global ePricing, you can offer your international customers a tailored shopping experience, with familiar pricing from the moment they access your website through to the checkout and their card statement.

Venue Smart’s Secure Multicurrency Solution

In today’s global economy, ecommerce businesses need to be able to accept payments in multiple currencies however this can create a risk of fraud and issues in currency conversions. Venue Smart’s multicurrency ecommerce payment solution uses sophisticated integrations to identify and block payment fraud whilst accepting over 140 currencies.

In addition, our payment gateway is secure and compliant with all major card schemes so ecommerce businesses can be sure that their transactions are safe and secure. With Venue Smart, businesses can focus on growing their business, knowing that their payments are protected.
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