Point of Sale Systems

For many businesses across Australia when handling any sort of daily operations, a point of sale system is indispensable. Point of sale systems are meant to handle every aspect of your business by managing every piece of it from the till to the back office and beyond. No matter what your industry is, your POS system is a part of every sale you make. Therefore it so vital to your business. With our POS solutions You can track the performance of your stock, money, staff and customers, so you’ll know exactly how your business is running and will give you full control over your day to day operations.

How We Work

POS systems like ours are feature-rich and versatile, including everything that business owners and operators would ever need to have complete control of their business. Our point of sales systems works perfectly for clubs and hotels, restaurants and cafes, franchises, produce, and more, with features that will grow both your revenue and business. Of course, we also include tools and partnership integration’s so you can run things exactly the way you want.


We pride ourselves in helping your business grow—both with our POS system and with the features they include. That’s one of the main reasons behind why we use SwiftPOS to integrate larger businesses and the digital age. More on SwiftPOS below.


SwiftPOS Australia is one of the leaders in POS systems available to cover hospitality, retail, multi-venue and franchise markets. It works by fully integrating SwiftPOS solutions with Back Office software to create a total point of sale solution. This is what allows our POS systems to work with both large and small businesses, or businesses that are still growing.

SwiftPOS allows you to Customise everything to your liking with a tailor-made mobile app. In order to build a strategy to benefit your business the most, this will work wonders.

SwiftPOS Back Office

With the Back-Office Management software, you are able to manage either single or multiple venues. With a centralised setup you can access remotely, everything is at your fingertips. Keep up constant communication between the front and back of the house with tools meant to simplify your experience.

Customer Relations

It’s important to be able to turn your customers into regulars and keep in constant contact with them, which is why our POS systems are meant to help create loyalty programs for clients and customers. Create rewards, use data and go completely digital—you’ll even be able to treat every customer like a VIP by employing customer engagement.

Complete Control

No matter where you are, you can make use of a SwiftPOS system to keep your business under control. Manage one location or multiple locations with real-time reporting right from any device. Also with our expert help and guidance, you don’t need to worry if things don’t go as planned because we are just a phone call away.

Menu Building

If your business operates in the food industry, your menu is one of your biggest selling points, so tailor it to match what you want or what you want your business to be. Make use of spreadsheets or enter your data right into the management console to build it out exactly as you’d like. The idea behind all of our POS systems is that it is user friendly, easy to use and makes your life easier.

Employee Management

One of the most important parts of your business is managing your employees and with our systems, you can do just that. Interlinking existing and popular systems such as ‘Tanda’ or ‘Deputy’ you are able to keep your eye on payroll, rostering, streamline paperwork or just check up on things, anytime, anywhere. So you can put more energy into other elements of your business.

Inventory Management

Track inventory in real time so you’ll know what you need to reorder and when. Manage even the most complex inventories and stay ahead of the curve with alerts that will let you know when you’re low on stock. You can even manage on-the-go with our POS systems and you are able to look at ingredient levels in real time so food waste will be reduced.

Enterprise and Franchise Management

If you are running a business that is based in multiple locations, you’ll be better able to do so with a point of sale system meant just for enterprise management. The full set of tools will let you standardise everything and help you easily keep up with your business in real time. Our enterprise and franchise management is very versatile and usually requires a lengthy consultation, so make sure to contact us here to find out more.

Bar Management

Other than looking after your patrons and ensuring you have a safe venue, there are two important elements when running a bar or a nightclub, this is cash and of course, alcohol. Our systems allow you to reduce loss of both of these elements by having a fully managed system that will ensure you are maximising your profits. Our POS systems will allow you to reduce wastage, monitor sales, and much more:

Our bar and hospitality POS systems also allow:

  • Advanced till functionality
  • Stock control
  • Cash control
  • Staff control
  • Promoter management
  • Digital security system interface
  • Quick and inexpensive member communication options (including SMS and email)

Restaurant Management

When running a restaurant, the focus needs to be on giving your patrons a great experience, not on the running of your POS system. Make use of our restaurant tools to run your business with even more ease—this means excellent service when it comes to reservations, paying the bill and table service, as well. Everything is meant to and will stay running smoothly.

Our restaurant specific POS systems include features:

  • Handheld ordering devices so that orders can be sent to the kitchen directly from the table
  • Advanced Kitchen printing features for either fine dining or bistro service styles
  • The ability to add “free-text” notes to the kitchen for any special orders
  • The ability to not only “split the bill”, but even to split items (e.g. if a bottle of wine has been shared between three people)
  • An option of a kitchen monitor screen instead of a printer
  • The ability to split an order to particular printer areas (e.g. kitchen, cold larder, pizza oven, bar etc.)
  • Full sales analysis, allowing you to analyse your menu mix to achieve the greatest profitability
  • Stock management

We can work with any business:

Regardless of what type of business you have, you’ll be able to make use of POS to operate it efficiently. Meet your business needs as a small business or watch as your system grows with your business.

We offer a variety of payment options including:

  • upfront purchase and replacement costs
  • outright purchase yearly rentals
  • lease to own

We also have options to install our software locally or on cloud servers which allow for increased efficiency and security.

Other businesses we work with:

Included Products and Security

If you are a brand-new business, you might need a little help on the start-up. Make use of any of our hardware or mobile solutions that are meant to take some of the workload off your shoulders. We have a seamless system that allows you to get setup quickly, efficiently and easily.

If you are an existing business we allow for seamless Integration with existing pos hardware to ensure a smooth transition of our systems.

We ensure that every one of our products is completely secure, so both your data and your customers’ data is completely protected at all times. You can even assign employees specified levels of access if you would like to integrate them more.

Help and Support

If you happen to run into any problems, contact us for SwiftPOS support. It won’t be difficult to learn how to use our system, but we’re ready to help you through every step of the process if any problems or questions do arise.

We have a multi tier strategy for support depending on the size and needs of your business:

  • Gold – Small business
  • Platinum – Medium Business
  • Diamond – Large business/corporation

Contact Us

Talk to us to learn more about POS systems in and POS systems in Australia in general. We’re prepared to help you with any of your questions or concerns and to assist you when it comes to setting up your business.

Enquire now about how we can help you and what we can offer you. From business management to the proper hardware, we’re prepared to get your business off the ground and keep it running smoothly. Check out some of our reviews from existing clients.

Our head office is based on the Gold Coast

Yet our POS system services are Australia wide. No customer is too big or too small!

Our POS Machines

Below is a list of some of the hardware that we support.

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