Online Ordering

Powered By Our Venue2U App

Our Venue2U app delivers a low cost, easy to manage, contactless online ordering and loyalty solution for Club, pubs, restaurants and bars, harnessing the power of SwiftPOS.

Our market leading two-way SwiftPOS integration pulls across your existing products, pricing, and promotions - saving you countless hours of work each month!

We also integrate live to member loyalty, including gaming service providers!

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So Why Choose Venue2U?

We think there's 3 big reasons to make the switch today...

1. Fewer staff, more sales
Removing the need for staff to take orders, allows your front-line team to focus on welcoming patrons to your venue and getting on with the job of running your venue!

2. Greater average spends
Customers spend more with Venue2U! The convenience of ordering without having to leave your seat means that customers order more, more often.

3. Powerful Integrations
Unlike other providers, we cut through the need to maintain a separate product library to your Point-of-Sale.

Keep your margins with low commissions

We offer a low cost online ordering solution, with incredibly low commissions. Unlike other providers who charge up to 35% commission, our commission is just 1.5%*

Testimonials From Our Clients

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