At Harris Data Systems we pride ourselves on our quality support at affordable prices. We have 3 Support packages ranging from our base gold level to our diamond Support. To see what each tier includes please see below.

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HDS Gold
  • Standard entry level support to aid in basic system functionalities.
  • Items supported are fault finding, stocktake issues, help staff create products and keyboards
  • 24/7 support 7 days a week
  • Till discrepancies
  • Creating happy hours
HDS Platinum
  • Includes Gold standard support
  • PLUS interfacing support of EFTPOS, 3rd Party Software, General ledger integration, gaming etc
  • PLUS staff in creating Advanced vouchers, promotions, campaigns, discounts
HDS Diamond
  • Includes Gold & Platinum Level Support
  • HDS will create products for club
  • HDS will create Vouchers, Promotions, campaigns and discounts for club
  • HDS will manage POS system except for invoices and stocktakes
  • Require minimum 7 days’ notice for any changes